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Four Year College/University Articulation Information

High School Articulation

Articulation is a process where students may earn college credits for certain courses they take in high school. It provides an opportunity for high school and community college courses to blend – granting equivalent college credit to students for achieving specific outcomes in identified courses within their school district.

Students who successfully complete "articulated" career and technical education programs in secondary schools that have a signed articulation agreement with Grand Rapids Community College are granted college credit for specific courses, should they decide to continue their education at Grand Rapids Community College. The amount of advanced standing credit available will depend on the particular program involved in each case and varies from two to sixteen credits.

How does it work?

The High School instructor must evaluate the student wishing to participate in the articulation program. The High School instructor will use the Student Achievement Recording Process (SARP) to evaluate. The student must successfully complete each outcome listed on the SARP. The instructor will then complete an articulation application and obtain the appropriate signatures. The articlation application is sent in to the articulation address listed on the application and the SARP forms are kept on file at the secondary school. Once a student is accepted at Grand Rapids Community College and they have met all the criteria for the articulation, the credits are placed on the student’s transcripts as articulation credit. There is no charge for these credits. Application for credits must be made within two years of graduation.

Will the Credits Transfer to Another College?

The student should check with the transferring college to see if the credits are eligible to transfer.

High School Student Information

If you are interested in articulating high school classes to Grand Rapids Community College and would like to know if your school has an articulation agreement, contact your high school counselor or teacher. You may call the articulation office at GRCC for more information at 616.234.4226.

High School Teacher/Counselor Information

You may download the articulation application and any of the Student Achievement Recording Process (SARP) forms. For more information contact the articulation office at 616.234.4226 or email Anna Rose at