Honors Contracts

An Honors Contract is an agreement between a student and a faculty member that allows the student to participate in a unique learning experience as part of a non-Honors course. 

Contract Development and Submission Process

Selecting a course to perform an Honors Contract is sequenced with the registration process. A list of faculty and the courses offering an Honors Contract is made available to students in advance of registration. Students are strongly encouraged to meet with the Honors Advisor, Lynnae Selberg, to select courses that are required for their degree and together, a course is identified to develop an Honors Contract. As part of the registration process, students will register in the identified course with the understanding that they will be pursuing an Honors Contract once the semester begins. 

Within the first two weeks of the semester, both the student and faculty member discuss the expectations of the Honors Contract. During the discussion the student will share reasoning for developing the Contract, potential project ideas and the personal level of commitment to fully participate in learning activities. 

Contract Completion

Once the student has fulfilled the Contract, he/she will work with the faculty member to submit the End of Semester Contract Completion Form. This form is submitted by the course faculty member and confirms that the Honors student has meet the Contract requirements and the student is eligible to receive Honors credit for the course. The Department of Experiential Learning will notify the student when the Honors designation has been placed on the transcript.