Introduction to Faculty-Led Study Away

Administered through the Department of Experiential Learning, support is provided to both students and faculty in the development and participation of short-term, credit-bearing and travel-based experiences. 

Study Away involves a credit-bearing course specifically designed around a travel experience which is led by tenured track faculty. Study Away experiences may be local, regional, national, or international.  These experiences are designed to prepare students of how to travel, acquire a functional knowledge of cultural practices and ability to draw connections from the travel experience to course outcomes.

Examples include:

  • A 14-day experience traveling to an international location such as France, Morocco or Italy as part of HU 219 Global Studies through International Travel course. 
  • A 10-day experience in Costa Rica as part of Nursing AD 248/258 clinical courses.  Students implement effective community/transcultural nursing strategies to support health promotion and disease prevention using the nursing process, critical thinking and communication skills in a community setting.