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A Message to Faculty

Dear Faculty Member,

It is quite possible that a student with a disability is enrolled in one of your classes this semester. Students requesting accommodations are required to file appropriate documentation of their disability with the Disability Services Office. Each student is assigned to a counselor/advisor who oversees the provision of reasonable accommodation. Any student who is using accommodations receives an Accommodation Agreement which verifies his/her registration with our office, and notes which accommodations are appropriate. 

Ongoing communication between faculty and Disability Services Office is a key factor in ensuring that students with disabilities are effectively accommodated. Therefore, we would like to share the following information.

It is the student's responsibility to talk with you specifically about his/her need for accommodation. Some students may disclose the nature of their disability, while others may choose to indicate only that they need a specific accommodation. Our office is happy to discuss with you how to best accommodate a particular student. We are not at liberty to discuss the nature of the disability without the permission of the student.

Some commonly requested accommodations include: notetaking (copy of a classmate’s notes) textbooks in audio format, sign language interpreting, audio recording of lectures, and testing accommodation.

If a student discloses for instance, that he/she has a learning disability which affects his/her ability to write, he/she may ask for a hard copy of any material you present using an overhead projector or PowerPoint.  If you wish to call our office to ask if a specific accommodation of this nature is warranted, please do so. It is certainly acceptable to exceed the minimum standards set by the law, as long as the student being accommodated is not being given an unfair advantage.

We encourage you to include a brief note on your syllabus indicating that if a student requires accommodations, he/she is welcome to contact you to discuss his/her needs. Such a statement may significantly increase a student’s comfort level.

Please contact our office if you have any questions regarding Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 or the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 as they pertain to our legal obligation to provide accommodation.


Disability Services Office – 616-234-4140 or 616-234-4155

Anne Sherman, Counselor
Yolanda Duncan, Counselor
Sarah Rose,Counselor Steven Gold, Counselor                                                                   Dan Nyhof Counselor- Lakeshore Campus (616-234-3086)
Teri Dilworth, Educational Support Staff
Elizabeth VanPortfliet, Educational Support Staff
Rebecca Allington, Testing Coordinator (616-234-3597)