Blackboard Instant Messaging

Through Blackboard IM (formerly Wimba Pronto), Grand Rapids Community College provides easy and effective instant messaging that can be leveraged for online office hours, tutoring, help desks, meetings, and desktop video conferencing.

Faculty, staff, and students can create an account, download and install the software to easily see who’s online and available so they can instantly communicate and collaborate.

Benefits of Blackboard IM (Bb IM)

  • Quickly connect with classmates, staff, and faculty for informal learning and timely ad-hoc meetings.
  • Check availability through presence to find others and interact on demand and live. 
  • Desktop video conferencing and audio provide rich interactions to save a drive to campus or even a visit across campus.
  • An integrated whiteboard can be used for realtime collaboration.
  • Application sharing provides unique abilities to work with students and peers.
  • Queued chat for online office hours provides effective user managment. 
  • Instant access to campus services such as tutoring and help desks.

Access Bb IM

To access the Blackboard IM tool, login to Blackboard and click the Blackboard IM link from the Tools menu in Blackboard.  Follow the prompts to create an account and download the software.

Click here to watch a video on the Basics of Blackboard IM including how to create an account, download and launch the application, modify your preferences and chat using Bb IM.

Resources to help get your students on board:

  • Powerpoint Slide to use in your first lecture when you are introducing students to your course and how you will communicate with them; ask them to sign up for Bb IM!
  • Syllabus or Email message for a template you can use to inform your students  at the beginning of your course.
  • Add "Download Bb IM" to your course menu, simply click the + button on the top left of the course menu, click add tool link, select  wimba pronto, and enter "Download Bb IM" into the name field.