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Students in our exercise science courses learn how exercise, nutrition, weight control and stress-management promote health, and how to relate those skills into workplace safety and wellness practices.  Studies also include the causes, prevention and management of disease, as well as knowledge of general anatomy, physiology and biomechanics to customize exercise programs for fitness, metabolism and weight control.

The Mission of the Exercise Science Department is to educate and positively impact the health of students and the community by offering academic course work, outreach, and practical learning opportunities that promote individual wellness skills and prepare future health, exercise science and wellness professionals for their future.

Because GRCC is a college of distinction, we implement a wellness (WE) course requirement that aims to enrich the quality of life and academic excellence of our student body.  One WE credit is required, however, two WE credits count towards graduation.

Quote of the Week: “You want me to do something...tell me I can't do it." ~Maya Angelou