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How Do I Update My FAFSA Using The IRS Data Retrieval?

You may correct (update) your FAFSA income data by importing the federal tax information directly from the IRS.  We encourage you to watch the video to show you exactly how this is done.  By correcting your FAFSA, using this tool, you may not have to request a IRS Tax Transcript from the IRS to verify your FAFSA information.

  • Log in to your FAFSA at:
  • Select make FAFSA Corrections
  • Enter your PIN
  • Navigate to the "financial information section"
  • Select "already completed my tax return"
  • Select option to link to the IRS and follow the directions
  • Complete these steps for student and parent(s), if applicable
  • Click "transfer now" once your IRS data appears
  • Do not change the IRS data after it has been transferred to your FAFSA
  • Return to the FAFSA, sign and re-submit your FAFSA