GRCC IIPD Professional Development Grant Reports

Here you will find written IIPD grant reports from 2007 until present date.

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Keith St. Clair to examine contrasts between China, Taiwan

Keith St. Clair explored the historical, political, and cultural contrasts between China and Taiwan. You can view Keith's lecture at this link.



Fred Zomer: Association for Orientation, Transition & Retention in Higher Education


Robert Schultz: The Art of Sous Vide Cooking

Keith St.Clair: China and Taiwan Political Contrast Seminars

Susan Williams: Conference Panel Chair and Commentator, Dale Center for the Study of War & Society

Yan Bai: The 2016 Annual Conference of the Northeastern Political Science Association 



Christina McElwee: National College Reading and Learning Association Conference

Kate Byerwalter: National Institute on the Teaching of Psychology

Keith Ferguson: International Builders Show

Laura Moody: Elsevier Faculty Development Conference

Sammy Zollman: Elsevier Faculty Development Conference

Kay Ramer: Elsevier Faculty Development Conference

Shanna Goff: National Association for Developmental Education Conference

Robert Hendershot: Transatlantic Studies Association Annual Conference

Donald Steeby: HVAC Excellence Educators Conference

Nan Schichtel: 2nd Annual Personal Librarian Conference


Sarah Krajewski: National Association of Biology Teacher's (NABT)

Tim Hoving: National Association of Biology Teacher's (NABT)

Laurie Foster: National Association of Biology Teacher's (NABT)

Anna Maria: National Academic Advising Association International Conference

Mike Devivo: Distance Education and Teacher Education-Biennial Conference

Filippo Tagliati: Trip to Italy to exhibit work and attend the Venice Biennale

Tom Boersma: Manufacturing Exhibition in Milan, Italy



Jill Woller-Sullivan: American Counseling Association National Conference

Lynnae Selberg: American Counseling Association National Conference

Gayl Beals: Visions Hi Tech Conference

Rebecca Brinks: Working Forum on Design and Nature

Troy Walwood: National Plastics Expo


Angus Campbell: Staging with Chefs of Italy

Mursalata Muhammad: Teaching English in Peru - Certification

Elizabeth McKinney: Kellogg Institute, Appalachian State University-Certification of Adult & Developmental Educators

Matthew Douglas: Traveling across Eastern States to Western States-Determining Mating Habits of Monarch Butterflies

Keith St. Clair: Traveling along the North African Coast-The Impact of the Arab Spring, History and Politics



Mike DeVivo: International Geographical Union 2013

Robert Hendershot: National Endowment for the Humanities Seminar, “India’s Past and the Making of the Present.”

Chad Lodenstein: Snap-on Diagnostics

Karen Murphy: Postsecondary Disability Training Institute

Shanna Goff: Advanced Kellogg Institute

Hillery Haney: Study Abroad 


Stephen Barton - College Music Society Conference in Cambridge, MA

Kimberly Overdevest - Attendance of the College Art Association Annual Conference

Aleta Anderson - Attended and presented at the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages

Debora DeWitt - College Music Society National Conference

Donald Steeby - HVAC Excellence Educators Conference

Yan Bai-American Western Political Science Association 2014



Janice Chapman-Reading Apprenticeship Training

Lori DeBie-Library Association Conference

Matthew Douglas-Study Butterflies in Costa Rica-Panama

Stacey Heisler-NACADA Conference

Judith Jankowski-Stress Management Certification

Laura Moody-Accompany Nursing Students in Costa Rica

Robert Schultz-Professional Development Hawaii

Linda Spoelman-Reading Apprenticeship Training

Keith St.Clair-Learn about Politics of Cuba

FillipoTagliati- Art Prize


Brian Morris - 2013 Avatar Wizard Course

Jolene Boelens - Nursing Conference for Retention and Support of At-risk and Foreign-born Students

Keith Ferguson - International Home Builders Conference

Sarah Rose - Higher Ground Assistance Technology Conference

Emily Nisley - Conference of the National Behavioral Intervention Team

Terri Tilman - Myers-Briggs Assessment Certification



Mike DeVivo-Geography Conference S. Africa

Shanna Goff-Advanced Kellogg Institute

Audrey Heckwolf-Baking Professional Development

 Robert Hendershot-Present at Transatlantic Conf-Scotland

Diana Kooistra-Dental Hygiene Conference

Maryann Lesert-Prague Summer Program


Yan Bai-Western Political Science Conference

Colleen Becker-TESOL Conference

Judith Bezile-Cengage Conference

Rebecca Brinks-Present at Childhood Ed Oxford Roundtable

Joan Gearns-Natl Council of Teachers Conference

B. Nan Schichtel-American Library Assoc Conference

Susan Williams-Historical Assoc. Conf. Panel

Kelly Roblin - English as a Foreign Language Training



Andrews-Nutrition Ed Conference

Antonakis-Vanrooyen-Coupe du Monde France

Biology Staff-League for Innovation

Boersma-League for Innovation STEM

Douglas-Research Fauna-Flora of Peru

Forrest-Teaching and Learning Conference

Lochan-Emerging Tech in Nursing Ed

Morris-Avatar Wizard Course

Muhammad-Ctr for Community Engagement


Antonakis-Vanrooyen-Coupe du Monde France

Biology Staff-League for Innovation

Forrest-Teaching and Learning Conference

Morris-Avatar Wizard Course

Schiele-Gady-Yoga Fit Level 4 Training



Anderson-Paris Site Visit-Turkey CIEE Conf

Bai-Summer Study in Taiwan

Borrello-AMATYC conference

DeVivo-Geography Conf S. Africa

Doane-McIntyre-Ferguson -Green Bldg Conf

Kaechele-ATHE Conference

Spoelman-Advanced Kellogg Institute

St. Clair-Learning in Iran

Vargo- Toronto Conference


Cooper-Reading Apprenticeship Institute

Light-History Ed Conference

Owens-Advanced Diversity Strategies Cornell



Antonakis-Visit to Greece

Cope-Association of Writers Conference

DeVivo-Geography Conference-S. Africa

Douglas-Butterfly Research Costa Rica-Panama

Kalisz-Association of Writers Conference

Knoppers-Intl. Nursing Research Congress

Kooistra-Professional Dental Assisting Conference

Millar-Astronomical Society Conferences

Mowers-Association of Writers Conference

Ramer-Womens Health Conference

Saldivar- Academy on Critical Thinking Oxford

Saunier-Association of Writers Conference

Spoelman-Intl. Research in Access Dev Ed Conf

St. Clair-Faculty Development in Jordan-Jerusalem

Tyler-Foster-LabVIEW Basics Training

Wynkoop-Association of Writers Conference


Bayer-Oxford Roundtable Symposium

Becker-ESOL Teachers Conference

Bezile-Photoshop Professionals Conference

Child Development Staff-Early Ed Conf Belfast

Hesse-Assoc for Supervision & Curriculum Dev



DeVivo-Geography Conference-S. Africa

Faber-Blackboard World Conference

Heldt-Digidesign Training

Kalisz-Womens Studies Conference

Levi-Nursing CEU

Millar-Astronomical Society Conference

Ramer-Womens Health Conference

Spoelman-Advanced Kellogg Institute-Dev. Ed

St. Clair-Faculty Development Conference-China

Woller-Sullivan-Career Development Conference

Zomer-Blackboard World Conference


Anderson-ACTFL Conference

Bai-Western Political Science Conference

Doane-McIntyre-Intl. Builders Show

Keizer-Ph.D. Colloquia

Lochan-Critical Care Conference

Pierson-Master X Training