A woman introducing a new employee to orientation materials

New Employee Orientation

Congratulations and welcome to GRCC! We are thrilled to have you as part of our diverse, hardworking, excellent, thriving and innovative Community College!

As a new employee, we are here to help you grow as part of our community, so please let us know how we can help you with whatever questions you have. You can email us at staffdevelopment@grcc.edu or call 616-234-4285. We are not just here to orient you to our college, we are here to integrate you into our community!

What to expect on your first day

Please come to the DeVos Campus Administration Building at 415 East Fulton Ave. NE. You can park behind the building in any two-hour visitor parking spot. A staff member will be waiting for you in the first floor lobby area.

Our first stop in our New Employee Orientation will be at the Information Technology (IT) department to get your computer and technology needs met and questions answered. You will receive your login information and create a few different passwords for our computer and email system.

Next we will hop on our Sneden Shuttle to take us to the main campus. We will take a tour of the campus and stop to get your new Raider Card (your Employee ID). We do ask that employees wear their IDs at all times when on campus to help the Campus Police, fellow employees and students easily identify employees.

Following that, we will head over to the Campus Police Department to get your parking assignment. We will also have a talk with one of our Campus Police Officers regarding safety on campus and what services our Campus Police Department offers.

To finish the main campus tour, we will hop back on the Sneden Shuttle which will drop us back off at the DeVos Campus.

The last stop will be back at the Staff Development office so we can show you how to get paid for all of your hard work!

After that, you'll be able to head to your new work area and get started on your new and exciting career!

Compliance Training

We ask that new employees review/complete the compliance trainings within the first 30 days of employment at GRCC. The new employee packet will take approximately four hours to complete. To access the trainings login to your Skillport account.

New Employees are assigned a New Employee Orientation (NEO) folder of trainings including:

  • Bloodborne Pathogens
  • GHS — Right to Know
  • Promoting a Substance-Free Workplace
  • Harassment Prevention for Employees
  • Acceptable Use of Technology
  • Compliance Plan trainings