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IT Security

October (2017) is national cyber security awareness month. A topic will be announced every Monday in October and relevant information will be posted to keep you safer online. This week's topic is Today’s Predictions for Tomorrow’s Internet.

Is it safe to have smart technology?

Smart technology is entering our personal lives at home, being used in the workplace, and it is rapidly surrounding us. According to an article on Gartner, 8.4 billion devices will be in use in 2017.

How do I stay safe with all this new tech? Look into product reviews mentioning privacy, security, and consider looking at the privacy policy for the device and services used. Remove any unnecessary software and configure security or privacy settings. Use a secure password on your devices, router, and keep systems up to date. Additionally, consider naming your devices anonymously to maintain anonymity --- otherwise someone could target your devices and network easily.

Information above references Stay Safe Online's PDF document.


What to do if you are a victim of cybercrime? If the incident is GRCC related email itsecurity@grcc.edu otherwise visit the Homeland Security Investigations webpage or the Internet Crime Complaint Center for more information.