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A student welding at GRCC's M-TEC campus

Information Sessions Every Week!

Come learn more about how GRCC's Job Training can change your life. These sessions are free and provide valuable information like:

  • Programs Offered
  • Employment Outlook
  • Financial Aid 
  • Support Services
  • How to Enroll

These Information Sessions are presented every week at various times to make it easy for you to attend. Registration is not required but is appreciated.

Grand Rapids Community College Job Training classes run 34 hours per week and approximately 20 weeks in length. Our hands-on training operates as much like private industry and business as possible. Upon completion you will receive job placement assistance. In most programs we enroll new participants every month, which means that you don't have to wait until next semester to begin working toward a better future.

After entering any of the programs offered by Grand Rapids Community College Job Training, you will be assisted by the support services staff and instructors to determine the most appropriate training plan for you. Program curricula are based on specific objectives recommended by employers. You are continually evaluated by recording skills you have accomplished. This process is used to measure progress and eventual completion of your training program.

After reaching your maximum level of attainment you will be recommended for placement. All evaluative materials and program information will be available for inspection by referring and monitoring agencies and prospective employers.

A certificate of completion will be presented to you after meeting the minimum requirements for the program of your choice.

Features of GRCC's Job Training Programs:

  • Job Placement Assistance
  • Small Class Size
  • Faculty with Proven Experience
  • Strong Ties With Local Business and Industry
  • Monthly Enrollment
  • Self-Paced, Hands-On Learning
  • One-On-One Support Services
  • Training for High-Wage Careers

Mission Statement

The mission of Job Training is to provide a quality learning experience for students pursuing job skills for employment, using year-round instruction with multiple starting dates and hands-on curriculum. This program is designed to articulate into our credit degree programs to achieve student success. This mission also includes providing employers with a highly skilled new employee that has appropriate credentials and skills to be successful.