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Philosophy Studies

Philosophy Studies offers a number of classes for both transfer students and those seeking personal enrichment. Our offerings may be used for transfer to four year institutions, to fulfill humanities credits for graduation or for humanities credits within the Michigan Transfer Agreement (MTA). Our Introduction to Philosophy (PL201), Logic (PL202) and Ethics (PL205) classes are offered at a number of convenient times.

We also offer several more specialized courses within the Philosophy Department that may appeal to both traditional and non-traditional students. These include Philosophy of Religion (PL212) and several classes centered upon more targeted aspects of morality and ethics in the modern age.

Program Course Offerings:

Introduction to Philosophy (PL201)

Introduction to Logic (PL202)

Introduction to Ethics (PL205)

Biomedical Ethics (PL206)

Contemporary Moral Choices (PL207)

Business Ethics (PL209)

Philosophy of Religion (PL212)