Three students walking and laughing together outside of the Main Building

Sexual Misconduct

We aim to be a welcoming, helpful community of students, faculty and staff. Part of that involves responding to students and staff during difficult times, including when they are dealing with issues that might violate our Sexual Misconduct Policy which covers sexual assault, domestic and dating violence, sexual harassment, stalking and other forms of gender discrimination. Those actions are a violation of our college's Sexual Misconduct Policy and may also be a violation of criminal law. GRCC has a Title IX Coordinator whose job is to respond to those incidents and walk you through our process, explain your options, connect you with resources and help you feel safe and connected on campus.

Information and Resources

To help raise awareness and educate our community about campus resources surrounding sexual misconduct, we will be providing information on consent, our step-by-step procedures for handling sexual misconduct and offering information on campus and community resources.

If you have any questions, concerns or comments, please contact our Title IX Coordinator, Kimberly DeVries, at (616) 234-2120 or email