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Student Employees frequently asked questions!

Q: Where can I find the Student Employee Paybook (my time sheet) A: Your Student Employee Paybook can be found on BlackBoard (Click on My Organizations, Student Employees, Forms/Information, Forms Folder and finally Student Pay Book)

Q: When is my time sheet due to Student Employment? A: Your time sheet is due by NOON on the Monday after a payday.

Q: What happened to paper checks? A: As of July 1, 2012 GRCC switched over to an electronic pay system.  Please see form to the right of this page to sign up for direct deposit or a pay card if you have not so already!

Q: What department provides employment verfications for student employees?A: Student Employment Services handles student employee verification request (former or current).  Please contact Lisa Snider at 616-234-3915 or e-mail, if you need an employment verfication completed.  Please allow at least 24 hours for your request to be processed.

Q: I have work study, who can tell me how many hours I have remaining to work for the semester? A: Please feel free to contact Christopher Allen at 616-234-3738 to get your remaining work study hours.

General questions about Student Employment can be directed to

If you are a current or potential Student Employee, please feel free to call our office at 616-234-4170 with any questions you may have regarding employment.