Declaration of Academic Program

To find out if a new declaration of academic program will be academically appropriate, please speak with an advisor or use the What-If function in My Degree Path. Students with financial aid should contact the Financial Aid Office at (616) 234-4030 prior to selecting a new academic program to determine if there will be any impact on current or future financial aid. To declare a new academic program (major), log into the Online Student Center.

To successfully declare a new academic program, take into consideration the following:

  • Students cannot select an academic program or degree that has already been or will be awarded from GRCC.
  • If a student selects his/her current declared academic program (major), this submission will be considered a change of catalog year.
  • Selecting a new academic program (major) will place you into the catalog active in the semester the change is effective. For more information, please visit the Catalog Year Information webpage.
  • If the program desired is not available in the academic program (major) options, contact the appropriate department for more information.
  • Students who are currently listed as non-degree seeking but wish to declare a degree-seeking program may be contacted for additional information.
  • Students selecting a program with additional admission requirements will need to contact that academic department directly to complete an admission application or interest form.