Dual Enrollment/Concurrent Enrollment

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Now Accepting Winter 2019 Applications!

Our Dual Enrollment/Concurrent Enrollment Programs offer you the opportunity to:

• Earn both high school and college credit
• Experience college academic expectations early
• Meet high school graduation requirements using
college courses
• Finish college sooner
• Create the educational program best for you!

Most public schools pay for their students to attend GRCC through the Dual Enrollment/Concurrent Enrollment Programs. However, any tuition and fees not covered by the high school are the responsibility of the student/family. For non-public students, the State of Michigan determines what dollar amount it will pay per course. Any tuition and fees not covered by the State of Michigan is the responsibility of the student/family.  Homeschool students are responsible for their own tuition and fees.

Tuition (in district and out of district) is based on the permanent residence of the student. Refer to our Tuition Rates and Fees for more information.

All credits earned through dual enrollment classes will be part of your official GRCC college transcript.

Please download the Dual Enrollment/Concurrent Enrollment brochure and read the information below for admission criteria, how to apply, and information sessions for students and parents.

High School students who qualify are:

  • Enrolled in at least one high school class and pursuing a high school diploma
  • Maintaining a high school cumulative GPA of 2.5 or higher. If the student has not yet established a high school transcript, the application will be reviewed on a case by case basis to be decided by both the high school counselor and GRCC's Academic Outreach Office.
  • Approved by your high school counselor/administrator
  • Able to meet GRCC prerequisites for college courses

 How do you apply?

  1. Meet with your high school counselor and/or principal to discuss Dual Enrollment or Concurrent Enrollment.
  2. Complete the Dual Enrollment/Concurrent Enrollment application located under Documents.
  3. Obtain the required approval signatures on the application.
  4. Request a copy of your high school transcript from your high school guidance office/counselor.
  5. Send your Dual Enrollment/Concurrent Enrollment application and official High School transcript to the GRCC Academic Outreach Office.

Students are required to participate in the Dual Enrollment Orientation (completed online).

Applications are best received by the following dates to increase class selection opportunities:

Fall – April 15

Winter – October 15

Summer – February 15


Grand Rapids Community College (GRCC) offers a variety of options for registration. The most current open class sections are available on the website. Web-based registration is available 24-hours a day, seven days a week. See the How To Enroll brochure for more information.

Dropping A Class

The percentage of tuition refunded to students who drop classes will be calculated for each class based on (1) the number of calendar days (including weekends) between its start date and end date (regardless of the number of days the class has met and/or the student has attended) and (2) the date the student officially withdraws/drops using one of the methods above. Exceptions shall be made when the College cancels a class.

  • Withdraw before 5% of calendar days: 100% refund
  • Withdraw before 10% of calendar days: 50% refund
  • Withdraw after 10% of calendar days: 0% refund


If you have any further questions or would like additional assistance, please contact the Academic Outreach office at (616) 234-3007 or email.