My eBill

GRCC has an electronic billing process for students to view and pay their tuition invoice online, called My eBill.

You will be able to…

  • Get real-time* electronic tuition bill anytime at My eBill!
  • Pay your tuition online
  • Sign up for the FACTS Payment Plan
  • Review important messages
  • Print an invoice for your records

How Do I Use My eBill Page?

Go to your Online Center

  1. Log in with a Student ID and password
  2. Click Online Student Center from the Enterprise Menu box in the upper left hand corner
  3. Click My eBill from the Online Center home page under the blue heading menu: Finances

What information will you find on My eBill page?

Term:   Select current (default) or past due terms from drop down list and click the arrow button.

Quick Links:  List of several common links that relate to student bills including Financial Aid, Due Dates, Residency and many more.

Enrolled in the FACTS Payment Plan?:  Yes or No, based on successfully enrolling in the FACTS Payment Plan.

Amount Due:  Displays the actual amount due.   Amount due will be 0.00 when the net balance is a credit (negative) balance.  A credit (negative) balance can be considered an estimated refund but is subject to change.

Detail Transaction Links: Links to OCS, Detail Invoice – Account Summary, Charges Due – Charges Due, Payments – Payments


  • Printable Version – Print an invoice for any semester that you attended.  The invoice includes class schedule, charges and payments.
  • FACTS Payment Plan – Sign up the for the FACTS Payment Plan (link to FACTS page) when available. For details see the FACTS Payment Plan webpage.
  • Pay Tuition Online – Conveniently pay your outstanding balance for any semester.  In order to secure your classes, tuition and fees must be paid in full.

Important Message Links:  More links to the Cashier’s Office website for more information on Due Dates, FACTS Payment Plan and Residency.  Refund Policy link goes back to OSC homepage for students to click on calendar icon on schedule.

If you decide not to attend GRCC, you must officially drop your classes before they start through your Online Center to avoid being charged for them.

*All financial aid awards will remain as estimated until your eligibility is verified and funds are officially disbursed to your account.  Financial Aid is not real time, it take 24 – 48 hours to update financial aid after changes.