Honors Projects

An Honors Project is an opportunity for students to develop leadership, service, research and creative scholarship skills as part of a course.  Faculty prepare the learning activities and guide students throughout the semester.  Upon successful completion, students will receive a transcript designation. 

Honors Project - Faculty Development

Each semester faculty will submit their Honors Project(s) via the Honors Project Submission Form.  Faculty prepare specific learning activities that are aligned to both course outcomes and the Honors Objectives.  Courses offering an Honors Project are then listed on the Honors Project Student Registration page.

Honors Project - Student Selection Process

Students selecting an Honors Project are strongly encouraged to meet with an advisor to assist in selecting courses that are required for their degree and together identify a course with an Honors Project.  Once you have registered for your courses (Summer, Fall and Winter) for your degree, you will  go to the Honors Project Student Registration Form to select your courses you would like to complete an Honors Project in.

This form will also allow you to submit a request to complete an Honors Project for a course that is not currently listed.  We will do our best to work with the faculty member to create and Honors Project, however there is no guarantee. 

Once submitted, we will notify the faculty member letting them know to expect facilitating an Honors Project with you in the respective semester.

Successful completion of the project will result in a transcript designation which is added onto the student’s official transcript. 

Honors Project Descriptions

This document will provide you a description of each Honors Project to help inform students of the learning activities and expectations of each project. 

Example of GRCC Honors Projects 2-8-2018

Honors Project - Completion Process

Once the student has fulfilled the learning activities, the faculty member will enter the grade (satisfied or not satisfied) as part of the normal grading process (via the required designation tab).  This process ensures a designation onto the official transcript.  Review the Honors Project Grading Procedures for more instructions on grading the Honors Project.