Students jumping and smiling in Europe

Congratulations on being accepted onto this year's Study Away experiences!


  1. Once approved, payment instructions will be provided to you.
  2. Students are billed throughout the winter semester into 3-5 payments. Overall cost of the experience is paid in full 90 days prior to travel.
  3. All payments are made through the Cashier's Office or via your eBill online.
  4. To verify a payment has been made, students are to email Director of Experiential Learning, Michael Schavey, or Tracey Lacy after each payment.
  5. You are required to make your scheduled payments on time. Not doing so will result in removal from the experience. 
  6. Maintain Financial Aid eligibility. (You need at least 6 credit hours during the Summer Semester to qualify for Financial during the Summer Semester).

Required Forms

Students are required to complete and submit the following forms to the Department of Experiential Learning:

  1. Risk and Release Form
  2. Emergency Contact Information Form
  3. Health Information Form
  4. Health Insurance Coverage Certification Form
  5. GRCC Study Away Behavior & Expectations Agreement (filled out during Pre-Departure Orientation in the spring)
  6. Copy of Health Insurance Card
  7. Copy of Passport (International Experience only)

Passport & Visa

  1. If you are traveling internationally you will need a passport valid six months past your return date. If you currently do not hold a passport, apply early enough to have you passport/visa ready for departure. This is usually AT LEAST 3–4 months prior to departure date. Please check with your Faculty Leader for Visa information, as this may affect how early you need a passport.
  2. If your passport is from a country other than the United States, you will need to consult with the Department of Experiential Learning to ensure proper documentation.
  3. For information on how to purchase a United States Passport please visit

Health Insurance 

Students are required to have Health Insurance, more information can be found in the Health and Insurance Brochure.  Some programs will provide Health and Travel Insurance, please check with the faculty member leading your program. Coverage for Health Insurance must include:

  1. expenses relating to sickness, injury, medical evacuation, accidental death and repatriation.
  2. coverage that extends to your location(s)
  3. you are within the age limit for the entire duration of your travel time
  4. coverage extends for the entire period of the program


Students are required to attend all orientations facilitated by your Faculty Leader and the Department of Experiential Learning. These may take place during the semester prior to the travel experience of the Study Away program.  Faculty may have additional requirements as well, please be sure to check your email often.

Academic Standing & Conduct

  1. You are expected to remain in good academic standing, meaning above a cumulative 2.0 GPA. 
  2. The College expects all students to conduct themselves as responsible citizens and members of the academic community. It is the responsibility of each student to know, observe, abide by and adhere to GRCC’s Student Code of Conduct, rules and regulations.

Withdrawals & Refunds 

If for any reason you need to withdraw from the Study Away course, you must notify- in writing- both the Department of Experiential Learning and the Faculty Leader immediately. Once you commit to a course, plans are being made on your behalf (i.e., lodging, airfare) and refunds will depend on what the institution is able to recover. A refund deadline is usually four months prior to departure, but please check with the Department of Experiential Learning for specific program deadlines. Withdrawing may have associated fees.


  1. Check your email often! This is the primary mode of communication.
  2. Notify important persons of your Study Away. Such as family, insurance companies, and bank and/or credit card companies. 

Extended Stay

  1. Students who are interested in extending their travel beyond the dates of the study away experience must complete the "Extended Stay Form." 
  2. Students must work directly with the third party provider to get their plane tickets changed and pay any additional costs. 
  3. Students will need to inform family and friends
    of their extended stay; secure the necessary
    health care coverage for my extended stay and complete any remaining assignments/expectations of the affiliated study away course work.