Stole of Appreciation

CONGRATULATIONS!  We are proud to call you an alumni.

The stole you will be given at GRADfest, is a gift from GRCC Foundation.  It is our way to say thank you for choosing GRCC.  

The stole is to be worn at commencement with your cap and gown, but the gift does not end there.

This lasting symbol of appreciation and academic accomplishment can become a cherished keepsake by any honored recipient.

Here is how you thank someone who has made a difference in your life:

1.  Wear your stole during commencement.

2.  Afterwards, present the stole to someone who provided extraordinary help or support throughout your education journey - i.e. a close friend, parent, relative, mentor or GRCC employee.

3.  Tell us your story.  Email to share who you gave the stole to and why they were an important part of your educational journey.