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Javier Jimenez

Javier Jimenez: Student Spotlight

Former gang member builds new identity as hard-working student at GRCC

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Lesley Bos

Lesley Bos

The Great American Talk Scholarship Recipient

“I am a first-generation college student with dyslexia, ADHD and three boys under 15! I never thought that I would make it to college with my obstacles. I had hoped to quickly earn an associate degree and start a career. I am now getting ready to transfer to Aquinas to work toward a bachelor’s degree, and I am thinking of possibly a Ph.D.! I want to sincerely thank all the donors for contributing to the GRCC Foundation to help make my education possible. My time here has not only set my sights on furthering my education, but it has also helped my boys to look ahead to their future college goals.”

Randall Dragstra

Randall Dragstra

Cascade Engineering Scholarship Recipient

“I have had a great experience while at GRCC, especially with the hands-on learning that I get to do. I also loved the opportunity to meet other students and make friends along the way. I’ve been told that accomplishments, no matter how small, are something that you didn’t have before, so getting a good grade or using something I learned in a practical application outside of school are big accomplishments for me. Cascade Engineering has helped guide my feet on this path, and I can’t thank them enough for their support.”

Lam Thu Phung

Lam Thu Phung

GE Aviation and Mathematics Department Scholarships Recipient

“Thanks to my GRCC scholarships, I can save a lot of money that I used to pay for books, parking fees or food, so I will have much more time to concentrate on learning and preparing for lessons as well as tests.”


Mariah Rios

Wege Teachers of Tomorrow Scholarship

“As of right now, my parents are still helping me pay for school. As soon as my sister comes to GRCC, they will stop helping me and start helping her. So this scholarship helps me help them. I feel much better knowing that, in a way, I am helping my parents through earning this financial help. This has allowed me to save money for when I become responsible for my own tuition.”