While most web browsers can easily read HTML and display it for you, several private companies have developed proprietary file formats for transmitting and displaying special content, such as multimedia or very precisely defined documents such as Microsoft Word files, Excel files, PDF files, and the like. Because these file formats are proprietary, web browsers cannot ordinarily display them. To make it possible for these files to be viewed by web browsers, add-on programs or "plug-ins" can be downloaded using the links provided below that you can install on your computer, in the event that you do not have a program to do this already. This will make it possible for your web browser to display or play the content of the file or files you have downloaded from our site.


This page is updated regularly to ensure these viewers or readers are up to date.

Microsoft Excel Viewer

Microsoft PowerPoint Viewer

Adobe PDF Reader

NOTE: the Adobe PDF Reader download page contains a checkbox for a Free McAfee Security Scan Plus option that is already checked. Uncheck this option if you do not want to download McAfee Security Scan Plus.

Adobe Flash Player

Adobe Air