Tom Neils Ph.D.

Physical Sciences
Tom Neils
(616) 234-4219
SCIE 515

I completed my B.S. in Chemistry with a Math minor at Michigan Technological University in 1983.  I then attended Cornell University where I earned a M.S. (1985) and Ph.D. (1989) in Chemistry.  I began teaching at GRCC in 1994 and have taught all levels of general chemistry as well as Quantitative Chemical Analysis and Instrumental Analysis.  My main responsibilities are oversight of CM 109 lecture and lab courses, and directing Chemical Technology program.

I conduct research with students synthesizing inorganic, organic and organometallic compounds.  Currently this includes synthesizing iron and ruthenium phenanthroline complexes for Dr. Kenneth Brown at Hope College, synthesizing acylated polypeptides for Dr. Stephanie Schaertel at Grand Valley State University, and synthesizing gold (I) thiolates. I also develop laboratory experiments for various undergraduate labs.

I enjoy teaching at GRCC because I enjoy thinking about how the world works. Interacting with students in lecture and in lab helps me and, I hope, helps the students gain insight into possible explanations for what we see going on around us every day. The better models that we develop for describing nature, the better decisions we will be able to make about how to interact with our world.